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Dr. Khan sees kids 0-21 years of age with a variety of medical conditions with focus on prevention of illnesses and promotion of health.
    • Asthma and reactive airway disease
    • Allergies and sinus allergies
    • Eczema and skin conditions
    • Acute pediatric illnesses
    • Chronic pediatric illnesses
    • Developmental diseases and their follow-up
    • Behavioral health
    • ADHD diagnosis and treatment
    • Pediatric neurological illnesses
    • Seizure disorders
    • Neonatal-perinatal medicine
    • Neonatal drug withdrawal and long term follow-up
    • Preventative medicine
    • School physicals and wellness exams
    • Obesity and weight management
    • Prevention of heart disease from early childhood
    • Promotion of learning and high academic achievement for kids